2019 OCTOBER 3 (49)


1. Suren Krmoyan
Ashot Hayrapetyan
Shushanik Ghukasyan
Certain issues regarding the exercising of the right to petition

The article explored the role and significance of the institute of petitions, analyzed the nature of petitions, the reasons of inefficient use of petitions, suggestions for solving existing problems were presented.
Keywords: petition, the right to petition, nature of petition.

2. Manuk Muradyan
Issues of abuse of rights in the case-law of the European Court

The problem of abuse of rights and the fight against it is one of the most relevant and insufficiently studied problems of modern law both on national and international levels. The subject of this scientific article is the prohibition of abuse of rights in the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom and in the Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights.
The article consists of two parts, which respectively address the issues of the prohibition of abuse of conventional rights in accordance with Article 17 of the ECHR (part 1) and the prohibition of abuse of individual complaint in accordance with subparagraph (a) of paragraph 3 of Article 35 of the ECHR (part 2).
Key words: rights, abuse of rights, ECHR, Case-law.

3. Vahe Torosyan
Christian perception of a secular state and freedom of religion

The secular state is one of the less studied phenomena of the development of world historical and legal thought. Despite their timeliness in time and space, the problems of the freedom of religion and the law, the state and the church, the conscience and the faith today are faced with a cautious and reserved approach of lawyers to religious-legal and church-state relations. Of course, the study of a very peculiar topic is hampered by the complexity and intricacy of the material, the desire to seek, find and perceive the right in religion and vice versa. This article is one of the links in the chain of comprehensive work that we have carried out and which is presented to the attention of the scientific community.
Key words: secular state, freedom of religion, state and church relations.

4. Mushegh Babayan
Historical features of the formation and development of the right to private life

Issues related to the right to Private Life have always been significant. In the article an attempt has been done to clarify the existence of issues in the pre-state period. Then prerequisites for the development of the problem in various legal systems and within the framework of Armenian legal thought were presented.
Key words: right to Private Life, pre-state period, various legal systems, Armenian legal thought.

5. Siranush Melikyan
Issue of church-state legal relations in the Republic of Armenia

This article presents the issue of legal regulation of church-state relations in the Republic of Armenia. The issue of legal regulation of church-state relations is the subject of the most important study that is of great importance for the study of state-church relations in the Armenian model and processes.
Key words – church, state, constitution, law, religious organization, format, legal regulation.

6. Natalya Baidova
Olga Grishina
Edgar Balyan
Armen Ohanyan
The Regulatory and Legal Support of the Labor Activity of Convicts in the Penitentiary Services of Russia and Armenia

In the context of modern practical legal decisions, the article considers aspects of the regulatory and legal support of the labor activity of convicts in the penitentiary service of Russia and Armenia.
Key words: regulatory and legal support of the labor of prisoners, penitentiary service, correctional institution, implementation of the criminal executive policy.


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