2020 MARCH 1 (50)


1. Arnold Vardanyan
Legal safeguards for the use of security measures

In the presented article, the author discusses the nature, conditions and grounds for the application of security measures in the criminal proceedings of the Republic of Armenia. Based on the positions expressed in the article, the author provides justifications for the necessity to reform legislation on the application of security measures.
Key words: compulsory medical measure, family observation, medical observation, reasonable doubt, danger to society.

2. Manuk Muradyan
Issues of abuse of rights in the case-law of the European court

The subject of the second part of a scientific article of “Issues of abuse of rights in the case-law of the European court’’ is the prohibition of abuse of rights in the European Convention about the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom and in the Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. However, in this case we try to focus our attention in the problem of the prohibition of abuse of individual complaint in accordance with subparagraph (a) of paragraph 3 of Article 35 of the ECHR in this part of article.
Key words: rights, abuse of rights, ECHR, Case-law.

3. Arnold Vardanyan
Conceptual basis for the procedure of application of medical enforced measures

In the submitted article, the author discusses the conceptual peculiarities of the procedure of application of medical enforcement measures in terms of the Romano-Germanic and Anglo-Saxon legal systems. Based on the positions expressed in the article, the author provides justifications for the necessity to reform the procedural model of the procedure of the application of medical enforcement measures.
Key words: preventive measure, enforced medical measure, participation of a psychologist, special proceedings.

4. David Sargsyan
Identity policy in the Republic of Armenia in the context of transformation of the national identity

In this article, the author refers to the concept of identity policy, which is almost never used in Armenian-language literature. In the discourse of Western and Russian-speaking constructivist paradigm of political science, this term occupies a special place, often identified with the term nation-building. It is postulated, that the policy of identity is important for the Republic of Armenia as a component of its strategic development in the context of modern socio-political transformations, from the point of view of the development of political and civil consciousness.
Key words: identity policy, nation-building, identity, identity transformation, national identity, ethnic identity, civil identity.

5. Aharon Rushanyan
Introduction of digital tools in the field of juvenile justice

This article describes the introduction of information technologies into the justice system. The introduction of digital tools and innovations in the justice system can have a significant impact on enhancing the efficiency of the system, implementing targeted actions, public administration system accountability and transparency. The need for systematic data collection is important first and foremost in the field of juvenile justice as a tool for developing, implementing and evaluating programs and policies aimed at preventing and responding to crimes.
Key words – data collection, database, equity indicators, electronic tool, information system.

6. Katerina Altunyan
Legal Regulation of Personnel Policy in the Public Service System of RA

The article presents the issue of personnel policy, which is of strategic importance in the public (state) administration system of the Republic of Armenia. The legal framework has been significantly improved in terms of enhancing the efficiency of human resources development, but it does not fully reflect the personnel policy’s mechanisms in the public administration system. An examination of the basics of the legal regulation of the personnel policy can be effectively used to address existing systemic and institutional problems, to identify measures and actions to increase efficiency.
Key words – personnel policy, public service, public administration, legal regulation, public officer, civil service, merit-based system, state apparatus.


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