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“Legal Education and Rehabilitation
Programs Implementation Center” SNCO
“Ardaradatutyun” scientific journal

Address: 0008, Yerevan, 162a Khorenatsi str.


 I, name, surname, middle name, date of birth, citizenship, personal identification document, number, serial number, given by which authorities, registration address, e-mail address, acting on my behalf and in my interests, as well as guided by the 1111-1138 Articles of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, hereby declare that I am the only author of “Name of article” titled scientific work (hereafter Work) (the exclusive rights to Work belong to me) and wish that the Work is published for the first time in one of the next issues of “Ardaradatutyun” scientific journal (hereafter Journal) of “Legal Education and Rehabilitation Programs Implementation Center” State Non-Commercial Organization (hereafter Center), in accordance with the regulations, rules and norms set forth for scientific materials to be published in the Journal, thus reserving the exclusive right to the Center to publish the Work for the first time in one of the next issues of the Journal (printed version and electronic version – on Internet). At the same time I guarantee that at the moment of signing this public offer: a) the exclusive copyright of the Work belongs to me, b) I know nothing about the rights and/or objections of third parties to the Work, c) the Work is not a subject of pledge and no other person has been given the right (authorized) to publish it. In the case of publication (full or partial) of the Work in the Journal, please indicate the following information about me, as the author of the Work (name, surname, middle name, scientific degree, scientific title, place of work).


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