at the Scientific Board Meeting of
“Legal Education and Rehabilitation
Programs Implementation Center” SNCO
on January 23rd, 2018 (protocol N01)








1.      This order defines the criteria and requirements for the formation and submission of manuscripts presented for the “Ardaradatutyun” scientific journal (hereafter Journal) of “Legal Education and Rehabilitation Programs Implementation Center” State Non-Commercial Organization (hereafter Journal), as well as the conditions for their publication.

2.      Manuscripts in compliance with the criteria and requirements set forth in the provisions of this Regulation are accepted for publishing.

3.      In case of failure to comply with the formulation requirements set forth in the provisions of this Regulation, manuscript is returned to the author. The author may re-submit the material to be published after it has been complied with the required criteria and requirements.  2. PRESENTATION OF MANUSCRIPTS TO THE EDITIORIAL OF SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL AND PUBLICATION FEE

4.      Manuscripts are to be presented in printed (hard copy) and electronic (MS WORD, on CD/DVD) versions or via e-mail ( Name and surname of author(s) should be included in the file title. The content of print and electronic versions should be identical.

5.      Along with the article a positive opinion-review on the manuscript should be also presented, for applicants and PhD students – from a person with at least a PhD degree in science, in case of authors with PhD degree – from a person with at least a Doctors degree in science and in case of authors with Doctors degree – no opinion-review is required.

6.      Publication of the material and one copy of the journal provided to the author is free of charge.

7.      Publication cost is 2000 AMD for 1 page including all taxes and fees, envisaged by law. An exact page is charged for a full page.

8.      For additional copy of journal authors/co-authors should pay 2000 AMD including all taxes and fees, envisaged by law.

9.      After the material is accepted for publication, the author is notified of that, as well as the amount of charge for its publication. After being informed about this, the author makes an appropriate payment within seven business days to the account of the Center, which can be changed or returned within five business days after making the payment.

10.  The publication of manuscripts is fulfilled according to the sequence of their entry. The materials returned to authors for editing purposes are reaccepted. 3. CRITERIA AND REQUIREMENTS OF MANUSCRIPTS FORMATING

11.  The manuscripts for publication in the journal should comply with the following criteria and requirements:
1) The total length of the article should not exceed 8 pages (including: literature list, summaries, key words, information on author/co-authors, pictures, charts, etc.).
2) Title to be printed in three languages: Armenian, Russian, English, capitalized, centered, bold letters and should not exceed eight words.
3) Below: author’s name, surname, position, name of organization, scientific degree and title.
4) Page size: A4 (21.0×29.7 centimeters).
5) Font type: for Armenian publications – Times Armenian, for English and Russian publications – Arial.
6) Font size: 11.
7) Line spacing: 1 (single).
8) Borders: 1 centimeter from all sides.
9) Page numeration:a. Footer,b. Centered.
10)  The manuscript is followed by a literature list. At the end of the article, in the “Literature” section the list of literature appears in the same sequence: font size 10, in the language of the original. Following each other serial numbers are mentioned (without square parenthesis), surnames and initials of authors in Bold Italic, title, name of editorial, place (city), year, page(s), if the reference source is mentioned only once throughout the entire article. For periodical publications author’s name, surname and work title is followed by the name of the periodical without quotation marks, year of publication, number of volume and/or issue, place, serial number and page(s). In case of electronic sources author(s) surname, initials, work title, website address in full (link), month and year of posting (if known) and last visit.
11)  Author’s “Summary” and “Key Words” are presented below the Literature List in three languages (Armenian, Russian and English) with no more than 500 words (including blanks), 5-6 rows.
12)  Summary is followed by information about the author. It is required to be presented in the form of a table in three languages, according to the appendix.
13)  Pictures, charts and other visual materials presented for printing along with the article are accepted in electronic version attached to the article as pictures in WORD file (paste special/as picture) and EXCEL file (in case of charts and other). Colored pictures and charts are not accepted. The footnotes for pictures are presented in abbreviation, for example “(see pic. 8)” or “as follows from pic. 4”.
14)  Use of accepted symbols (%, $, etc.) is necessary. Abbreviation of year is not presented (example: “according to 1824 agreement” or “during 1980-2000”).
15)  The footnote comments of the presented articles appear in the bottom of the given page, restarting each page with new numeration with 9 font size.

12.  If the editorial office cannot get in contact with the author(s) of the manuscript by the contact information provided, the editorial office has the right to postpone publishing.

13.  The present regulations come into force starting June 1st, 2018.